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Megaminx magic cube,12 sides puzzle


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It’s well-known that Rubik’s cube has been extremely popular among the elder and young. Now we find this Super Challenging Classical Magic Cube Puzzle with 12 Faces for children as well as adults. By twisting and turning the 12 faces, you try to make each face its own solid color. Besides the amazing design, it is also a mystery of the puzzle itself that sometimes no solution can be found. It can well develop your brain potential and enhance your thinking way to large extent. You can play it in coffee shops, waiting rooms and other places. In terms of the price, it is very attractive for each wise customer. Amazing magic cube puzzle to challenge yourself!

Made of super quality material and with smooth movement

  • Intellectual toys for intelligence improvement
  • It is a traditional educational toy for kids and adults
  • For kids, it can develop their brain and logic thinking ability
  • For adults, it can release their pressure after work
  • It can change various appearances with vivid mobility nodes
  • Small dynamic and static friction coefficient ensures safe and smooth rotation
  • The interface is smooth and each corner has a chamfer
  • Good abrasion resistance and texture in hand
  • It is popular in coffee shops, waiting rooms and other places
  • A must have for those cube lovers or cube masters