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Car Seat Head Strap


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When your child naps in the car, their head is going to bob. This can cause neck strain and pain. Oh no! Don't worry! We've created a device that will gently cradle your child's head and keep the neck supported during road trip napping.
  • Due to the way car seats are designed, a sleeping child will fall asleep sitting upright. This causes their heads to bob around like one of those toys! Your child's neck can get sore.
  • Our team of expert designers came together to solve this problem for you. We consulted with leading orthopedists, engineers, and parents to help us create the Car seat Head Support Device for children.
  • Our design is made from high-quality materials. It 100% complies with international safety standards. You're going to love it, but better yet, your child is going to love it!
  • Our head strap helps keep kids head up while they nap in the car to avoid having their heads hanging and bouncing around during car rides.
  • It is made with elastic to fit most car seat and also to make it not so tight to give kids the freedom to more their head if they want to or need to. It is very easy to use, you just need to put it around the chair and their head. Made in a smoke free home.